My grandfather built the Sea Knight in the 70s-80s in Budapest, Hungary.
...Tamas Kirchknopf

Sea Knight built in Hungary

Sea Knight built in Hungary aft view

Subject: RE: FW: Sea Knight
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005

Hi Barry,

As to your question regarding the newsletter at the far end of this mail, I believe my grandfather would feel himself very much honored if you added his story.

Unfortunately I can't really add to much information myself. All I know is that in the huge factory where my grandmother was working, the "management" decided to destroy all "imperialistic" (Western... remember at that time Hungary had a communist regime) printed materials in the library. My grandmother saw those issues of Popular Mechanics, picked them out, had it translated and grandfather started to draw the frames in the living room. This happened at the end of the 70's. They later moved abroad for 10 yrs, so no one has done anything since the early 80's.

The boat has never seen water yet and was kept locked in the garage - as you can see it is still in its original pomp.

I hope to be able to send you pictures where the boat is ready by the end of this summer...

Best regards