Proud Daddy


Basically, my oldest is eight years old and has been very interested in the boat construction. She has freguently asked when the boat will be finished and how could I really build a boat. She has been on my old Com Pac 16 and my father's Catalina 25. So, she understands how big and small sailboats can be.

She is only with us every other weekend, and we never really have time to work on the boat because we are always doing something else (especially around the holidays). Our "boat building experience" thus far has been me having her pull some staples from a piece of lumber for the building form. She thoroughly enjoyed it and it has sparked a real interest in the project.

So, we are sitting together on New Year's Eve reading a book she got for Christmas while her younger sister takes a nap. She looked up at me and said, can we work on the boat together for a little while. I said of course and we went out to the garage together. I showed her the patterns, plans, instructions, and the Boatbuilding with Plywood Book. I taught her how the carbon paper worked. I then took the patterns for the breasthook and numbered the patterns corners 1 through 8 as though it was a connect the dots. She then transferred the patterns for the breasthook to the 3/4" plywood. She was so excited and pleased with the process. We then did the same with the second layer of the breasthook. I was able to show her on the plan details where the breasthook was, and how it worked with the rest of the boat. After that she asked me to save the stem for her to do the next time she comes over. So, we have a boatbuilding intensive weekend planned next time she comes back.

I just want to say that this was one of the best, quality times I have ever had with my daughter and know it will be something that we will both remember for a long time to come. When I walk out in the garage now I can look at the plywood and see her work and it makes my heart glad.