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Posted by Mark Bronkalla on August 19, 2002 at 06:47:11:

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When fitting the strips for a cold mold design the edges of the "new" strip need to be trimmed to fit the "old" strip neatly.

Rip the strips to a uniform width initially. I also beveled one edge to make fitting easier. The bevel was at 20-30 degrees. I used a large hand plane locked upside down in a vise for this phase. When fitting a new strip use a hand plane to remove the excess. In normally takes only a few strokes with a sharp plane to remove the high spots and end up with no gaps between the strips.

The 45 degree angle is opnly approximate. You may find that varying the angle +- 5 to 10 degrees may actually work better. Don't be afraid to cut a tapered strip to shange the angle. This may be necessary anyway as the angle will tend to change anyway as you move to different curved areas of the hull.

Ideally you will have no gaps visible on the inside or in the final layer with this method.

I would fit up a number of planks and temporarly staple them in place. Then number, place alignment marks (a couple of long stripes) and and remove them prior to gluing up a section. Trying to fit the pllanks while gluins leads to a sticky mess.

See my website for some more details - larger boat, thicker layers, but the concept is the same.
Riviera Planking and Laminations

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