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Posted by Aaron Gruenwald on October 13, 1998 at 05:40:55:

In Reply to: Re: Thunderbolt posted by Mark on September 28, 1998 at 09:12:47:

hey Mark...
Its my girlfriends dad(doesnt have access to internet) who
built the boat so I am just relaying the info....Well it didn't
take long but he has the hole bottom rebuilt.. In the process
he did notice a fracture in one of the main frame rales....He
replaced that......and went to Buffalo(we live in Ontario Canada)
to get his marine grade plywood.(I guess previously he could not
get the specific type of plywood here.) Anyways its comming along
very good and he is about start to re-fiberglass.....Oh and to answer
your question about what typa of motor....It is a 454 producing
435 - 450 hp....he designed it himselp on Dr. Gasket Engine Builder.

: I doubt weak plywood was the (main) problem. From what you
: described sounds like the underlying structure (frames,
: bottom batens, keel) gave out. Covering all
: frames and longitudinals with fiberglass tape will
: add some strength.

: Hitting a wake at 85mph is a brutal force -- more
: like a crash!! I hate to do that with my 17'
: Glaspar running 35mph!

: Did you build your Thunderbolt? What type of wood
: did you use for the frames, longitudinals and
: plywood? You must have one heck of a motor to do
: 85mph!!!

: I'm currently building a Thunderbolt. The hull
: is completed and currently working on the top
: decking and interrior. I used okoume plywood,
: mohagany frames and sitka spruce stringers. Planning
: on using a stock chevy 350.

: Mark
: : Has anyone found that the plywood called for in the
: : plans is too weak????We hit a wake doing 80-85mph and
: : smashed the bottom passenger side! It shot right up
: : through the hood...We sunk..but managed to tow to shore
: : Anybody think it is worthwhile to fix...and if so, what
: : should we do to make it stronger!.....Any info would be
: : gratefully appreciated. Please reply here or at my
: : email address(
: : Thanks

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