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  • Visit our Project Registry for email contacts for specific designs.
  • Change 2-24-05: New Permissions: Anyone can view the posts on the Boatbuilder Connection, however, in an effort to put an end to spam, it is necessary to become a member in order to post. Being a member also allows you to edit your posts and view posts since your last visit. To become a member, click on Boatbuilder Connection below, the click on "Register" in the upper right hand corner. Welcome to the Boatbuilder Connection.
  • 12 April 2007: Note: We had a problem with the forum and it was necessary to reload from a backup. Unfortunately, this process deleted users and messages for a period from approximately 5 - 11 April. If you registered on the forum during that period and cannot log on, you may have to re-register. We apologize for the problem.
  • Messages from our Boatbuilder Connection bulletin board dated from Jan 98 through 3 March 99 have been deleted or archived. Messages that did not offer useful information to other builders were deleted. Messages concerning specific Glen-L designs have been arranged alphabetically and put in "Archives - Glen-L Designs". The remaining are archived in a MISC file. The archived messages cannot be answered, they are filed only for the information they contain. Most messages to have an email link to the builder who posted the message.

Archived Messages 7/2003 - 11/9/2003
Archived Messages 5/2003 - 6/2003
Archived Messages 3/2003 - 4/2003
Archived Messages 1/2003 - 2/2003
Archived Messages 11/2002 - 12/2002
Archived Messages 9/2002 - 10/2002
Archived Messages 7/2002 - 8/2002
Archives 1/10/98 - 4/30/99: Glen-L Designs
Archives 1/10/98 - 4/30/99: MISC

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