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    Phone Interview of Tahoe 19 builder, Bill Edmundson

    February 25, 2009

    This is just a taste of what Bill will be sharing:

    • Why he chose the Tahoe 19
    • His personal opinion of the plans & patterns
    • The cost to build and the time it took (inquiring minds want to know!)
    • Step-by-step building of this boat
    • Tips and comments that will help you when you decide to build any boat
    • And much, much more!

    This phone interview will be the first of many that we will be doing for you. The goal with these Teleseminars is to give you a chance to hear first-hand from others who are building Glen-L designs. We know that by hearing the experience of others, it provides you the confidence that you can do it too. Plus, you can learn so much from the experience and even mistakes of other builders!

    Here’s what our listeners say…

    “Listened to the whole thing. Really enjoyed the narrative. I am building a Barrelback and have just put my frames up. Really helpful to hear someone that has gone before you. Thanks soooo much.” Robert McLean

    “Thank you so very much for the replay … the second time through was even more enjoyable than the original broadcast. Your website so informative …” Joseph Nowell

    View Actual Photos Listen to teleseminar replay.

    NEW! – Order a CD of this Teleseminar!

    “8 Simple Steps to Build the Boat of your Dreams” Phone Seminar

    April 21, 2009

    This free Teleseminar explains step-by-step how-to get started turning your dream of building a boat into a reality. The seminar is presented by Gayle Brantuk, Vice President of Glen-L Marine and you don’t want to miss her reveal the 8 Simple Steps To Build the Boat of Your Dreams:

    1. The benefits of building your own boat
    2. How to know if YOU can build one
    3. How to determine the cost
    4. What you need to get started
    5. What tools you need
    6. Once you get your plans & supplies, here’s what you do next
    7. The support you can expect during building
    8. Where to find free resources and boat building information

    “I enjoyed listening to the replay of the teleseminar on 8 steps to build the boat of your dreams. I am still in the planning and dreaming process of building a Glen-L boat. Listening to the teleseminar got me going again so I placed an order for the Bassboat plans, Boatbuilder Notebook and study plans for houseboats. Wish me luck.” Sincerely, John Limbert

    Click on the link below to hear this hour long informative phone seminar.

    Listen to teleseminar replay.

    “How to Wire Your Boat and Install a Hydraulic Steering System” Phone Seminar

    May 12, 2009

    Boat builder and handy man, Carl Puehl (also known as “Fifty Plus” on the Boatbuilder Forum), shared with us his expertise on wiring his own boat and installing a steering system. Carl has built several boats over the years and delivered a no-holds barred presentation of the ins and outs of installing these systems the right way.Here is some feedback on Carl’s Teleseminar:“Thanks for the replay Gayle. I found it very informative and it gave me some tips that will avoid some future problems that I never anticipated.” Terry Reid“Have just now replayed your teleseminar regarding wiring and hydraulic steering. I would like you to know how helpful and easy to follow I found this information and I thank you for all your efforts in getting this up and running. In particular the references to specific books and products was extremely valuable.” Regards, Bob (Foster), Australia

    Click on the link below to hear this hour long informative phone seminar.

    Listen to teleseminar replay. NEW! – Order a CD of this Teleseminar!

    “Building the Glen-L Outrage with John Wilmot” Phone Seminar

    June 23, 2009

    John shares the step-by-step details of building his 16 foot deep vee ski boat, the Outrage. John has prepared a slide presentation of his build that he will refer to during his seminar so you can see and hear exactly what he is referring to. The Outrage is the fourth boat John has built, so he knows what he’s doing!Here is some feedback on John’s Teleseminar:“Gayle, just wanted to thank you for the teleseminar. Great to see how others have risen to the challenge. Please forward my appreciation to John Wilmot.” Best Regards, Duncan BatesClick on the link below to hear this hour long informative phone seminar.

    Listen to teleseminar replay. View John’s slide presentation

    “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About System Three Products But Were Afraid to Ask” Phone Seminar with Kern Hendricks

    August 11, 2009

    Kern Hendricks, Founder and Owner of System Three Resins expounded on the uses of their great resins and products. Kern discusses the difference between their General Purpose and Silver Tip resins. He also gave some great tips for keeping resin from running when applying on a vertical surface. And provided tips on painting and finishing your boat for a professional appearance. As a Chemical Engineer, Kern has an understanding of epoxy like few others. Be sure and listen in and learn!Here is some feedback on Kern’s Teleseminar:“I have really enjoyed the two teleseminars I have been invited to. I also love the fact that they are downloadable so I can relisten as many times as I would like, and wow what a lot of good information especially in the last one with Kern Hendricks. Thanks for all the great info.” Eric Applegate – Krittenden, KY“I enjoyed the teleseminar yesterday. Thanks for taking a proactive part in helping rookie boat builders like myself better understand the tricks & how to’s of building boats.” Chris

    Click on the link below to hear this hour long informative phone seminar.

    Listen to teleseminar replay.

    “Engine & Transmission Installation with Garry Stout”

    September 29, 2009

    If you are building or plan to build an inboard boat, you won’t want to miss this teleseminar.I interviewed Garry Stout who built the 19′ Monaco runabout and had “never built anything out of wood before”! Well, look at his boat above and you’ll see that he obviously figured it out. And, that’s one happy man too! The interview with Garry focuses on engine-related issues:

    • Engine & transmission installation
    • Drilling the prop shaft hole
    • Rudder installation
    • Motor stringers
    • Throttle & shift cable installation

    Here’s some feedback on Garry’s Teleseminar:

    “Thanks so much for putting this on. It was great to hear of Garry’s motor installation success and also to hear how proud he is about the fine boat he has built. It sure is an incentive for any of us thinking about it, to move ahead. Also thanks to Garry for sharing such valuable information.” Lorne Tomlinson – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    “Thank you. This Teleseminar was very informative. Keep up the great work.” Jim Netz – Atascadero, CA

    Click on the link below to hear this hour long informative phone seminar.

    Listen to teleseminar replay.


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