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All of our plans are intended for the amateur. It is not necessary that you have any experience with blueprints.

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Don't waste time, money, and effort scrounging around for the proper marine fastenings to build your Glen-L design.

Check out our fastening kits here

Every FIBERGLASS COVERING KIT is a complete package specifically prepared for the Glen-L design you are building.

Check out everything we've got here

Stitch and Glue Kits are a must for building our Stitch and Glue boats.

See what we mean here

Many of our sail boat builders don't realize that we have accessories for the boat they are building. But we do!

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Want more information about a Glen-L design? Many have a study plan available to provide more information on the scope of the design.

Learn more about Study Plans here

From our beginning, over 60 years ago, Glen-L has offered boat building kits for those items that are not readily available from local suppliers. For more information on our various boat kits, click the section above.


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