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    With over 300 boats to choose from, you're guaranteed to find your dream design!

    Visit the boat plans catalog here!

    For over 60 years, Glen-L has offered boat building kits for those items that are not readily available from local suppliers.

    Check out our exclusive plans here!

    This is our very active boat building community & knowledge center! You'll find answers to your questions, new friends and everything from A-Z on your project!

    Visit the Boatbuilder Forum here!

    If you watched the show and wanted to know what boat Special Agent Jethro Gibbs was building, it was the Glen-L Amigo.

    Read the entire story here!

    "Thank you all for being so willing to share in your knowledge, experience and the fabulous boat rides...the camaraderie, family environment and openness of all to share made me feel like part of this really great group.".

    Check out The Gatherings Here!

    Building your very own boat is the most fun you can have on dry land, but wait until you take your boat out for the first time!

    See homemade videos of our boats in action!

    For a description of the boatbuilding methods used to build the boats in Glen-L catalog this is the place to go!

    Check out these boatbuilding methods here

    Who else wants to see the boats that others are building or have built from the Glen-L designs? This is also the place to document your build!

    Check out the Boatbuilder's Blog here

    It's one thing to hear us say how great these boat designs look, but just look at these beautiful finished masterpieces!

    Check out these customer photos!

    July 11-13, 2014
    WahWeap Resort
    Page, Arizona
    All the information here!

    Sept. 19-21, 2014
    Nickajack Lake
    Guild, Tennessee
    All the information here!

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