About our Kits

Fastening Kits

fastenerkit.jpgDon’t waste time, money, and effort scrounging around for the proper marine fastenings to build your Glen-L design. We’ve got them in a Fastening Kit specifically intended for the boat you are building, at a cost that can’t be beat. With our volume purchasing we’re able to offer our Fastening Kits at a price substantially less than local suppliers. Most hardware stores don’t even stock silicon bronze screws, and, of course, it’s unlikely they will even know what a bronze annular boat nail is. The Fastening Kit includes all nails and screws in the quantity and size specified in the Bill of Materials for the Glen-L boat you are building.

Bronze screws are genuine silicon bronze as recommended by the experts; not low-strength brass which will tend to break even in the softest woods. Our screws feature frearson-heads for easy, fast machine driving.

The nails used in our Fastening Kits are high quality silicon bronze annular thread boat nails. Silicon bronze is the ultimate choice in quality and corrosion resistance, particularly important on boats that will remain in salt or brackish waters. The cost of bronze fasteners is usually repaid with higher resale value.

Fiberglass Kits


Our Fiberglass Kits are complete packages specifically prepared for the Glen-L wood/plywood design you are building. Most kits include material for the outside of the hull: bottom, sides and transom. Some specialty boats include additional material. See design pages for information about a specific design. Kits typically include:

Top quality fiberglass cloth specially treated for easy wet-out, high bonding adhesion, and superior peel strength.

  Raka or System Three SilverTip resin in ample amounts to cover the cloth.

  Proper types and amounts of hardener for the resin.

  Special cutting instructions on how to utilize the materials.

  Step-by-step procedural application instructions for professional results.

Because of our bulk quantity purchasing direct from raw material suppliers, we can offer these kits at the lowest price.

More about Fiberglassing

Although it is possible to use polyester resin, more and more experts are discouraging its use over wood boats since epoxy has become readily available. For ultimate strength and protection, Epoxy is unsurpassed. Bond strength is superior, yet the epoxy resin retains a flexibility not possible with other resins. Although more costly, the added cost is often recouped by higher resale value. If you want the longest life from your boat, there is no substitute for epoxy in fiberglass application.

Unfamiliar with fiberglass work?

Many beginners are hesitant about working with fiberglass and resins. Actually, the work is easier than most people think. But to do the job properly does require following instructions and doing a little reading to get the most from the products while avoiding the pitfalls. That’s why we offer several texts (and a DVD) specially prepared by our staff of naval architects specifically intended for the amateur. They include: