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All of the epoxy products in the GLEN-L Epoxy System are 2-part epoxy formulations consisting of a resin and a hardener. Both POXY-GRIP® and POXY-SHIELD® are "100% solids"; that is, all the constituents contribute to the curing process and physical properties of the final product. No thinners, solvents, or diluents need be added for any application. And we don't use such dangerous diluents as BGE (butyl glycidyl ether) often found in cheaper, lower quality epoxy products.

While both POXY-GRIP® and POXY-SHIELD® have been carefully formulated and developed especially for wood boatbuilding, they are suitable for a wide variety of other uses, including aircraft, automotive, hobby use, and all sorts of structural applications on wood, metals, concrete, and many other materials. (If you intend to use our epoxy products in applications which are not covered in this manual, we recommend that you make a test sample to determine whether it is suitable for your particular use). The two parts when mixed form a hard, strong-in-itself, solid plastic vastly superior in qualities to all other marine type glues. The products provide maximum physical properties while retaining high-strength bonds having enough flexibility to take the inevitable movement that occurs in boats and similarly loaded structures.

Compared to some other epoxy products, POXY-GRIP® and POXY-SHIELD® are free of noxious odors. While flammable, they are not highly so and are considered as "non-combustible" and "non-volatile".



This high-viscosity glue is a 1:1 mix (equal parts resin and hardener by volume) suitable for bonding all types of woods, most metals, and some plastics. The resin portion is nearly water-white in clarity, while the hardener is an amber colored polyamide, resulting in a light amber colored joint that does not detract from wood grain color and is close to the same color as POXY-SHIELD® for good compatibility. Joints become invisible when coated with varnish and other clear coatings. lt can be used in a wide range of temperatures, even at temperatures to 40oF or somewhat below, although curing time increases with decreasing temperatures. Shelf life is approximately one year.

"POXY-GRIP" is suitable for bonding use in high-humidity situations and has excellent gap filling properties where joints are not perfect. The glue is non-hygroscopic; that is, it will not absorb moisture and will cure in the presence of moisture(*). lt is waterproof upon curing and cures without shrinkage. "POXY-GRIP" requires no addition of fillers and does not run. However, for large gaps, fillers can be added for easier use and to save on glue. lt is not intended for coatings, saturating, encapsulating, or sheathing applications. For laminated or "cold molded" hull planking, POXY-SHIELD® is preferable. Pot life is about 30 to 40 minutes at about 70oF. Partial cure is developed in 6-8 hours at 70oF. (Partial cure means that the surface is hard, but full physical properties have not been reached; this requires a much longer period, up to seven days.)

(*)It should be noted that some epoxy formulations imply that their products will "work" in moist, or even wet, conditions. However, if one reads carefully, the promise is that the resin will "cure" in these conditions, and indeed such may be the case. However, what is not mentioned is that physical characteristics and bonding strength may be drastically effected in spite of the fact that the resin does cure. Our POXY-GRIP® glue will also cure and bond at higher moisture contents. However, our feeling is that the long-term physical performance and bonding qualities may be compromised, and we feel this is a common quality in virtually all boatbuilding epoxy products. Thus, we do not advise bonding to woods which are visibly wet or damp, and whenever possible, moisture content should be as low as possible.


This clear, very pale, light amber, low viscosity resin is the basic resin used for all coating, encapsulating, laminating, and sheathing applications. The resulting clear coatings will have the same enriching effect on the wood tone and color as varnish or other similar coatings. (Note: Fillers should never be added where a clear finish is desired). Coated surfaces are tough and mar-resistant. Flow and leveling qualities are excellent. Shelf life of resins and hardeners is at least a year. We have used material that was 7 years old with excellent results.

Viscosity can be modified without affecting bond strength by the addition of our various fillers for all types of other gluing purposes, including structural bonding, and making fillets and fairing compounds. This versatility allows the builder to make any desired quantity of a wide variety of sub-products as the project proceeds, while achieving every objective of the GLEN-L EPOXY SYSTEM. There is no need to buy a wide variety of expensive pre-mixed, prepackaged products - you make what you need as you need it. It's fun and it's easy!

POXY-SHIELD® resin must be mixed with POXY-SHIELD® Hardeners at a 5:1 ratio (5 parts resin to 1 part hardener, either by weight or volume). It's suitable for bonding all types of woods, most metals, and some plastics. It's waterproof upon curing, and cures without shrinkage. A wide range of temperatures and pot lives or gel times is possible depending on the POXY-SHIELD® hardener selected.



Two hardeners are available for use with POXY-SHIELD® resins, both being polyamine types. The "Fast Hardener" is used where quick curing is necessary or for use in lower temperatures. "Fast Hardener" is also preferred where a clear, natural finished surface is desired. The "Slow Hardener" is used where longer working or pot life is desirable. It should not be used below 65oF and warmer temperatures are preferable. (Note: In controlled tests @ 40oF POXY-SHIELD® with "Slow Hardener" has cured "tack free" in 20-24 hrs., with full cure in 13 days.)

An important advantage of POXY-SHIELD® hardeners is that they can be mixed together. This property allows the builder to "formulate" his own epoxy at the site to suit exactly the working time or pot life and cure time desired for any given condition or application (*). Either hardener or combination of the two are mixed with POXY-SHIELD® Resin at a 5:1 ratio (5 parts resin to 1 part hardener by volume or weight). Pot life with "Fast Hardener" is about 10 minutes at 70oF, tack-free at about 3 to 4 hours at 70oF. Pot life with "Slow Hardener" is about 25 to 35 minutes at 70oF, tack free at about 5 to 6 hours at 70oF.

(*) Mixing of hardeners, however, is not a linear reaction; that is, mixing equal parts of Slow and Fast hardener will not "split" the difference in cure time. In fact, the Fast hardener works "harder" than the Slow hardener, so proportionally less of it is required when mixed with the Slow hardener.

Pot life can be controlled by warming or cooling the resin and hardener prior to mixing. Size of the container or volume mixed will also affect pot life; containers with large surface areas providing more work time by dissipating curing heat.

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