Fig. 3 Portions of the form which will contact the fiberglass planking and are not to remain in the complete boat must be covered with a parting film or release agent. In the photos, the forms are being taped with cellophane tape, however, plastic sheeting can be used alternately. In some designs, the bulkheads and other members which will remain in the hull will not require this treatment. If none of the form members are to remain in the completed boat, the entire form can be covered with a plastic sheet.

Fig. 4 Before applying the fiberglass planking, the hull form must be checked carefully for fairness. Use long battens around the formwork to spot any high or low areas which must be corrected. The fiberglass planking material comes in a roll from which lengths can be cut. Because the material develops a slight "set", the side facing the inside of the roll should be placed down onto the form. Continue