Monte Carlo Notes

Underwater hardware

The following hardware is used on the Monte Carlo. These items are called out on the plans. The "Key" refers to notes on the drawings. "Part #" refers to Items in the Glen-L Inboard Hardware catalog. See "Inboard Hardware" on our site.

Key Description Part# Size & Comments
A Shaft Log Base
Stuffing Box
Approx. 15o angle
For 1" dia. shaft
To fit above
2 required for above
B Strut 90-122 1 1/4"dia bore/14o
C Bearing 90-352 1"dia shaft for "B"
D Shaft 90-736 length to suit
E Prop 13" dia 1" bore, pitch/rotation to suit motor
F Rudder 90-016 1 1/8" shaft, 7 1/2" x 12 1/2" blade
G Rudder stuffing box 90-101 1 1/8" dia
H Tiller arm 90-029 1 1/8" dia
I Safety collar 90-401 For 1 1/8" shaft
J Rudder post bracket 90-033 For 1 1/8" shaft
K Prop nut kit 90-723 Key, nut & cotter key for "D"

Conversion parts for a small block Chevrolet

Notes on the transom pattern

The outside of the transom is smaller than the inside.

The pattern shows the transom from the INSIDE (looking aft)... but it is NOT a true view. At the side and top edges, the OUTSIDE contours of the transom are given. All else on the pattern shows the inside. This was done to eliminate confusing phantom lines. That is what the instructions and the section drawings point out.

The top edge will not be a 30° angle. When the transom is installed, the outside contour will be faired; the angle will change from 30° at the chine to almost nothing at the top centerline. This must be done "in place". The transom side pieces can be cut with the saw set at a 30° angle so that you are not undercutting the pattern contour, but leaving more material. Look at the section view on the pattern, at the arrows showing which lines are shown.