#555 a 16' outboard runabout Build in PLYWOOD

Geronimo built by Kirk Bellamy

Length overall 16'-1"
Beam 7'-0"
Hull depth 3'-2"
Average passengers 1-4
Hull weight (approx.) 600 lbs.
Cockpit size 5'-0" x 9'-4"
  • Hull type: Vee bottom hard chine hull developed for sheet plywood planking.
  • Power: Single or twin short shaft outboard motor to 100 hp. Long shaft motor can be used if transom modified. Inboard stern mounted motor may be used, connected to a v-drive or inboard/outboard to 500 lbs. maximum.
  • Can the hull be extended or shortened? Yes. Up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
  • Trailer: Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1000 boat trailer plans.

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