Glen-L Design Boat Videos

Glen-L Welcome Video

Ted Gauthier’s “Zip” on the Move

Art Atkinson is interviewed about building his wooden boat, a Glen-L “Squirt” in his basement.

Barrelback built by Greg Roy – New Zealand

Key Largo built by David Vangsness – Riverside, CA

Tahoe Runabout Built by Butch & Paula Barto

Sea Knight Cruiser Built by Rory Hamilton

Bo-Jest Pocket Cruiser Built by Tom Smitherman

True Grit Cruiser Built by Ray Macke

Zip Runabout built by Chris Atwood

Squirt built for Jet Power by Terry McIntyre

Riviera Mahogany Runabout built by Dave Lott

Malahini Built by Sam Witherington

Double Eagle Built by Ken Schott

Ski King Built by Dwain Colton

Squirt for Jet Power built by Kevin Brown

Glen-L Boats in action at the 2012 Gathering

Cabin Skiff Built by Ray Macke

Sea Knight Built by Bob Maskel

Monaco Built by Bruce Dow

Gathering 2010 Clips

Cracker Box Built by Alex Neymark

The Glen-L Fleet

Jet Powered Glen-L Squirt Built by David