Bull's Eye

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A sweetheart of a boat that's easy to build. The BULL'S-EYE is an ideal first time boatbuilding project and a great way to get into boating.

The BULL'S-EYE utilizes Fast-G Stitch and Glue construction; the plywood planking is cut from standard 4' x 8' panels, assembled flat on the ground, and folded to form the boat. A pattern is furnished for virtually all contoured parts. More than 25 full-size patterns, including planking. Just lay the patterns over the wood, transfer to the wood, and saw to shape. No complex grids or tedious layouts from dimensions are required with Glen-L Fast-G construction.

The BULL'S-EYE is versatile, easy to row, and adapts readily to a small outboard. Graduate to sail with the simple free sanding cat rig, or for a more lively craft, use the fully stayed sloop rig. The traditionalist may prefer the classic sprit rig with wood spars that can be carried inside the boat for portage.

Why delay? The water's waiting and now is the time to start.

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for side/bottom planking, aft side & bottom, butt blocks, form, transom, knee, breasthook, seat end, side, & top, thwart, trunk top, bulkhead, bow seat, rudder, tiller, daggerboard, bulkhead gusset, mast support, motorboard, seat ledge, trunk brace and skeg. Includes step-by-step photos and instructions, Bill of Materials, fastening and laminate schedule, plywood utilization and STITCH-N-GLUE MANUAL.

Bull's-Eye Builders Speak Out:
"I wish to thank you for helping make a long time dream of building my own boat a reality. I have sent along a few pictures, as you can see from the images, it is a Bull's-Eye sailing skiff. I stuck fairly close to the design details from your plans, but with some variation to the detail on the thwart... found your plans and instructions to be very easy to follow and understand. " Andre Moos, BC Canada 

"Here's a few shots of my completed 10 month project. It was my first attempt at stitch and glue but I was able to overcome my over cautious concerns with the procedure. I was particularly impressed with the accuracy of your patterns and plans. Best regards," Herb Strom, BC Canada 

"Building the Bull's-Eye has been a great experience. The quality of the drawings and plans is fantastic. If you take your time and exam the plans, patterns and instruction documents, the build is quite straight forward. The photos in the documentation, coupled with the information provided on your website and from other fellow builders certainly provides a support environment where anyone can build a boat with confidence. Thanks to everyone in your organization." Mark Chadwick - Mississauga, Ontario Canada 

Length overall:
Depth amidships:
Average passengers:
Weight (approx.):
115 lbs.
Hull type:
Sheet plywood hull for FAST-G Stitch and Glue construction. The hull is folded together to form a vee bottom with rounded forward sections.
Short-shaft outboard motor to 3 hp.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 650 boat trailer plans.
Sail type:
The Bull's-Eye can be built using three different rig options, all with daggerboard.
Cat Rig:
Unstayed mast with loose footed, sock-type sail. Area: 56 sq.ft.
Sloop Rig:
Fully stayed with loose footed main. Area main: 49 sq.ft., jib: 25 sq.ft. Total area: 74 sq.ft.
Sprit Rig:
Classic unstayed, rotating mast with sprit boom. Loose footed sail with with luff laced to the mast. Area: 51 sq.ft.