Huck Finn

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Our HUCK FINN is a versatile, modular concept, pontoon boat which can be built in several different lengths. Just about anyone can build their own HUCK FINN, even if the most woodworking experience they've had is chopping wood for the fireplace. We provide the easy-to-use Plans and Full Size Patterns for the pontoons, plus details for the deck unit. You get the pleasure of deciding what to put on top. The possibilities are endless!

Build your own deck boat for the lake using our SPORTS CRAFT "cabin", make a swimming raft for the kids, or select one of our CABIN PLANS for a real houseboat. These plans are very adaptable and allow you to build a boat to suit your needs to a tee. Use the HUCK FINN plans to build pontoons from 12' to 28' lengths with 8' beam.

Except for the 12' HUCK FINN, all units come with flaring bowed pontoons with sharp entry stems for least resistance. Stern sections are rockered to reduce power requirements and make handling easier. All units are stable as a rock. But don't try to play Kon-Tiki, they are meant for use only in protected waters such as rivers and lakes. These boats are not meant for high speeds; leisurely speeds with low power and economy is the name of the game with the HUCK FINN. Build your own trailer using our special HUCK FINN Trailer Plans. Deck units and the pontoons are detachable from each other so that storage need not be a problem. For larger loads, see our Super Huck design.

There are 3 cabin configurations available as separate plans upgrades:

The 8-foot cabin:

The 16-foot cabin:

The Sports Craft style: