L Gato

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The L GATO ia a fast sailing catamaran with a rig that can be handled by one sailor with ease. Yet, the cockpit is large and the hull very stable so taking the kids or first mate will be no problem. In addition, the whole unit can be broken down into two hulls and cockpit tray for car topping or storage. The hulls are inexpensive to build, each taking 1 1/2 sheets of 5mm or 1/4" plywood, a total of 3 sheets for both hulls. The plywood development method allows for the hull to be planked in a continuous width from keel to sheer.

Builders have reported that in heavy airs, they can out-sail the popular production catamaran; in light airs, she still out performs most mono-hulls. The catamaran hull is the hull of the Polynesian "navigators" that is still being used on many islands today. Feel the spray in your face, sail the wind in your own L GATO... be a part of the tradition.

Length overall:
Maximum hull depth:
Draft (board down):
Weight (approx.):
220 lbs.
Cockpit size:
4' x 5'-3"
Average passengers:
Sail area:
120 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Catamaran hulls, each developed for sheet plywood planking in continuous curve from keel to deck.
Sail type:
Cat-rig with twin daggerboards.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1000 boat trailer plans.