Rob Roy

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A 14' canoe

Our ROB ROY is truly a unique step forward in canoe design and construction, made possible by our Fast-G Stitch-N-Glue boatbuilding system coupled with advanced plywood development techniques. The result is a hull form shaped at the ends like the swift, agile, and quiet running round bottom canoes, with the stability and load carrying ability of a vee-bottom chined hull amidship.

The graceful styling of our symmetrically ended ROB ROY belies its ease and speed of construction. In fact, it's so easy to build, that if you can't build this boat, you probably can't build any boat. Full size patterns are provided for all parts, no lofting! No lay-outs! No scaling of plans required! Only 2 sheets of standard size 4mm (5/32") or 5mm (3/16") plywood are required - that's what makes ROB ROY so light (don't attempt to use 1/4" thick plywood; it's too stiff).

Simply transfer the patterns to the plywood, cut out, stitch, and glue to shape. Viola!'ll have a fast, agile, super-light yet super-strong, stable canoe for a minimum investment in money, time, and effort. No building jig or forms are required! It's fast, fun, and easy. Best of all, your ROB ROY, with its clean, smooth interior and classic appearance, will turn heads wherever you go. Handling with either one or two aboard is positive, and even though the hull is unsinkable, the optional built-in flotation chambers will give added peace of mind.

Length overall:
Depth amidships (approx.):
Depth max. (approx.):
Weight (varies with plywood used):
40-45 lbs.