Lo Voltage

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The LO VOLTAGE electric powered launch provides quiet, peaceful, tranquil boating. The hull glides silently through the water, and is environmentally friendly and accepted by nature. Creatures are unafraid of the boat and passengers can closely observe wildlife; you are not intruding on nature, you're joining it. The silent propulsion method allows conversation at normal levels, and the passengers are in a friendly grouping with the helms person.

LO VOLTAGE is powered by an electric golf cart DC motor readily available from golf courses or related suppliers new, re-built, or used. They provide adequate power to drive the hull at 4-6 mph for about 5 hours before recharge, although speed and voltage used can vary the running time considerably. The batteries are readily "re-fueled" by a charger connected to standard 110-120 volt AC household current.

The LO VOLTAGE is easy to build, as full size patterns are furnished for virtually every part in the boat including the planking. The simple Stitch and Glue method brings boatbuilding within the abilities of most everyone. It's simple; cut the parts from the patterns, drill the stitch holes, wire the planking together, glue-fillet the seams, remove the stitches, reinforce the seams with fiberglass laminates, and the hull is formed. And best of all, you can build with readily available materials, only six 1/4" x 4' x 8' plywood panels are used for the hull and interior panels.

There are two different sets of plans available for the LO VOLTAGE; when using the ELECTRIC DRIVE propulsion system, or when the electric motor will drive a conventional prop shaft system.

Length overall:
Hull draft at 940 lbs.:
Hull weight (approx.):
250 lbs.
Cockpit size:
5' max x 10'
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Multi-chine hull developed for Stitch-N-Glue sheet plywood. Power: Electric DC motor commonly used on golf carts operating on deep cycle storage batteries connected in a series to provide 24-36 volts.
Electric Propulsion:
The "ELECTRIC DRIVE", (described in the Catalog), utilizes the lower unit of an outboard motor coupled to an electric motor.
Conventional Propulsion:
A conventional propeller and shaft, supported by a strut, is coupled to the electric motor.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1000 boat trailer plans.