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A 16' or 17' strip planked canoe

STRIPPER is a ribless canoe made from narrow wood strips, covered with fiberglass inside and out. The composite construction produces high strength with low weight while displaying the natural beauty of the wood.

This is the type of craft that brings out the ooh's and aah's from observers. Natural wood provides a warmth and a richness to the sleek lines of the canoe. Yes, these craft are labor intensive, but the building method requires more patience than skill. The material required for building is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the worth of the finished craft.

The STRIPPER can be built 16' or 17' long. Both sizes are detailed in the plans and instructions. Full size patterns are provided for all forms and watertight bulkheads. All aspects of construction are detailed, from the simple building jig through the planking process. Instructions supplement the plans with step-by-step descriptions and a Bill of Materials.