La Chatte

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Do you want to feel the spray and wind in your face? Do you like the sensation of riding in a speed boat but with only the sound of the wind and of water being split by the hull? Then this is the boat for you. Large sail area and light weight design, coupled with the high initial stability of the catamaran design, is what makes this boat perform.

The 16' LA CHATTE offers plenty of room and the extra performance of the jib sail. Like our L Gato, the LA CHATTE is built using thin plywood sheet in a continuous piece between keel to sheer so that a lightweight, strong structure develops. She also features our unique "knockdown" carrying system. The cockpit tray of the boat rests on a car-top rack or carrier, and the two hulls sit on the tray. Items like the daggerboards and rudders are carried in this tray also. In short, the entire boat can be carried on the roof of a standard car in "knockdown" form. When you get to the water, the hull is simply reassembled and you're ready to cast off. No launching ramps; no boat trailers required. If you prefer, of course, she can be trailered for quicker "in the water" time.

Length overall:
Maximum hull depth:
Draft (board down):
Weight (approx.):
270 lbs.
Cockpit size:
5'-6" x 5'-4"
Average passengers:
Sail area:

      Main - 120 sq. ft.
      Jib - 39 sq. ft.
      Total - 159 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Catamaran hulls, developed for sheet plywood planking in continuous curve from keel to deck.
Sail type:
Sloop-rig with twin daggerboards.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1000 boat trailer plans.