PowerYak - Electric Kayak

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KAYAKS ARE FUN! They're sleek and attractive... graceful and manueverable... quiet and environmentally friendly... lightweight and transportable. BUT even the staunchest supporter will admit that getting back to home base after a long day of paddling can be a chore (Translation: helluva lotta work). Do it the easy way, come back with power. Or for those not inclined to paddle propulsion, kayaking can still be fun with the POWERYAK.

The POWERYAK runs on a battery powered DC electric trolling motor (ETM). They're inexpensive and cost a fraction of what a fuel burning outboard does. But this isn't the unsightly looking gadget seen hanging over the side of a fishing boat. The underwater motor with projecting shaft and housing is entirely concealed under a removable hatch. The controls, steering, speed and forward, nuetral, and reverse are located forward, convenient for the helmsperson. When moving silently through the water without paddling, viewers are fascinated...what makes it go? The hull hardly ripples the water; it's quiet, almost eerie for a boat. And conversation is held with normal voice or even a whisper....you are a part nature.

The POWERYAK is more comfortable than the typical kayak. There are real seats with adjustable locations; the forward seat allows the passenger to face forward or aft in a friendlier position. Shifting the seat position also helps to distribute the weight for proper hull trim whether there are one or two passengers.

The hull has a little more beam and depth than most kayaks to provide better stability and a drier ride. A generous vee bottom and flare forward provides the ability to slither through the chop or into the wind with comfort. This kayak can be paddled, but, when you want a rest, flick on the power and sit back and relax.

The kayak is built by the proven Glen-L Stitch and Glue method that makes building easier and quicker than conventional methods. Full sized patterns are furnished for virtually every part in the boat including the planking, and only four sheets of standard size 4' x 8' (1/4" or 4mm) are required. Cut the parts from the patterns, drill the stitch holes, wire the planking together around a single cross form, glue/fillet the seams, remove the stitches, reinforce the junctions with fiberglass laminates, and the hull is formed. No complicated building jigs are required; the patterned plywood sides and bottom are bent around a single temporary form. Procedural Instructions plus the Glen-L "Stitch and Glue Manual" describe each step with photos, drawings, and text.

Build a powered kayak, amaze your friends and learn what real FUN really means.

"I have built many, many projects in my career, but the thing I can say about this, is it has been a joy to build from start, to finish. I have never had the feeling it was a drudge or a tough thing to do." - Dan Hennis, Cassville, MO

Length overall:
Hull Draft at 500 lbs:
3 1/2"
Midship hull depth:
Hull weight (approx.):
110 lbs.
Cockpit size (approx.):
2' x 7'-6"
Average passengers:
1 or 2
Hull type:
Hard chine vee bottom hull developed for 1/4" sheet plywood planking assembled by the Stitch and Glue method.
Electric trolling motor (ETM) modified to mount inside the boat. operating on deep cycle storage batteries of 12 to 24 Volts.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.