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A 19' classic inboard runabout

The TORPEDO is an unusual runabout intended for an inboard motor with in-line drive. The novel decking and aft superstructure sweep back to a virtual point, hence the name TORPEDO. This styling is somewhat similar to the ultra-deluxe classic runabouts of the past. Modern construction methods, however, using cold molded epoxy, enable the DIY builder to fabricate this attractive feature simply and effectively. While boats of this type traditionally had a single cockpit, an option is given for those who wish more seating capacity.

Building is further simplified with detailed full size patterns that illustrate the frames as they will appear when finished. Corner gussets, floor timbers, deck beams and framework members are all shown just as they will appear when you build them.

Construction of the hull is done by cold molding with epoxy adhesives, a simplified method of making compound curves in both the sides and bottom. And the forward sharp bend at the sheer is simplified with a sawn harpin eliminating "strong-arm" tactics to spring in this longitudinal.

Of course, the large scale plans and full size patterns come with procedural instructions along with a Bill of Materials and Fastening Schedule specifying the size and number of fastenings required at all junctions.

Build this incredible craft and you won't be able to keep yourself from beaming with pride as you leisurely cruise the docks or buzz past the other "plain-jane" boats in your fabulous TORPEDO!

When the Torpedo was initially released, we quickly discovered a few issues with some of the frame dimensions so the design was removed from our lineup. However, master boatbuilder, Roberta Hegy or as we like to call her, "Queen of the Boatbuilders", wasn't to be deterred from building her dream boat, Torpedo. Roberta had previously built our Zip and Super Spartan and definitely had the skills to not only build the Torpedo, but provide us with the specs from her boat. Because of Roberta's proof build, we are able to offer you the re-lofted plans and patterns for Torpedo. This boat isn't easy and we do recommend that you have some building experience. But as you can see, it's well worth it!

COMPLETE PLANS and FULL SIZE PATTERNS include plans on all details of the construction, plus sequential Instructions, Bill of Materials, Fastening Schedule and Inboard Hardware listing. Full patterns are given for the deck beam arc, stern knee, stem, harpin and breasthook with half section templates for each of the frames and transom showing both inner and outer contours.

You'll also receive a Building Guide that details Roberta's entire build from start to finish including a list of building materials, hardware and motor she used. This is 179 pages, full color photos and commentary that will be emailed to you upon purchase of the plans and patterns as a PDF download. There will be a link in the confirmation email you receive after your purchase.

Length overall:
Waterline length:
Displacement @ DWL:
2558 lbs.
Hull depth midship:
Depth under hatch:
Hull weight (approx.):
1050 lbs.
Cockpit size:
31" x 5'-8"
Hull type:
Fiberglass covered cold-molded construction. Convex vee bottom with concavity along the chine and generous flaring sides forward blending into a "torpedo" style stern.
Centrally located inboard inline marine or auto conversion to about 5.6 liters or 350 cu. in.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No, because of the sawn harpin.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 2900/3800 boat trailer plans.