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A-LURE was designed to catch fish. She's a no nonsense, no frills sportfisher that makes no compromises to its purpose. A huge single level self-draining flush cockpit adjoins port and starboard by a step up to a full walkaround deck so a gang of anglers need not tangle or bump elbows.

What's more, our A-LURE has the capabilities you need to get to your favorite fishing grounds even if they're far offshore; a tremendous fuel capacity sees to that. If the going gets tough, this tough boat keeps going; a wide 8 1/2' deep vee hull assures that. Equipped with lift strakes and wide chine flats, you get a combination of rock solid stability, quick acceleration, and dryness that's remarkable.

Yet our A-LURE doesn't forsake amenities. If you want to lay over, the accommodations offer comfort and spaciousness equal to that of many cruisers this size. Berthing is on a 6 1/2' double in a cabin with full-standing headroom. Space for a head is available, there are twin hanging lockers, and the galley is conveniently located in the cockpit.

Unlike heavier, less economical production boats, A-LURE can achieve high speeds with lower power requirements because of technologically advanced construction in either plywood or aluminum, two of the lightest and strongest of boatbuilding materials. With either material, a wide variety of powering options and speeds are possible.

Building your own A-LURE is easier than you think. Full Size Patterns mean no lofting is required. Comprehensive instruction manuals are especially intended for amateurs. For those with nominal woodworking skills, the PLYWOOD Version is built over sawn frames crossed by simple longitudinal battens and extra long motor stringers. Decks and cabin are also plywood, with all exposed plywood surfaces best covered with a sheathing of fiberglass cloth and resin for easy maintenance and abrasion resistance.

If you have welding skills, the ALUMINUM Version features an all-welded hull, deck, and superstructure, except for the cockpit sole which is fiberglass covered plywood for economy, simplicity, and non-skid qualities. Lengthening or shortening the boat in either version by up to 10% is easily accomplished by respacing each of the frames a proportional amount. If you want to trailer your A-LURE, we have the plans to build a suitable trailer.

Length overall:
Length waterline:
Hull draft:
6450 lbs.
Hull weight (approx.):
1500 lbs.
Hull depth:
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Height overall:
Cabin headroom:
Cockpit size:
12'-6" x 7'-6"
Fuel capacity:
200 gals.
Fresh water capacity:
20 gals.
Sleeping accommodations:
Hull type:
Hard chine full length deep vee with 18o min. deadrise, bulbous keel section, and lift strakes. Developed for sheet plywood planking (1/2" bottom, 3/8" sides), or welded aluminum plating (3/16" bottom, 1/8" sides).
Stern mounted diesel or gasoline inboard motor connected to an outdrive or v-drive. Motor weight with outdrive: 600-1200 lbs; with v-drive: 800-1400 lbs. Other transom or bracket-mounted drive systems may be used, but are not detailed.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 6000 boat trailer plans.