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Inspired by traditional motor fishing vessels of North Sea fame, the EUREKA is a contemporary answer to the need for a sturdy, compact, and economical vessel suitable for commercial and pleasure use. While maintaining the character of these proven vessels, our designers have included features and modifications that experienced skippers will quickly appreciate. For example, a transom stern with reverse curved running lines aft increases deck space, minimizes pitching, adds reserve buoyancy under loading, and reduces squatting, thereby lowering power requirements for better economy as opposed to traditional canoe stern types. Unlike the "chubby" hulls of yesteryear, the EUREKA is trim where it should be, up forward for a smooth ride, yet with a deep forefoot and long keel for directional stability, and with plenty of flare to reduce plunging, deflect spray, and improve the appearance.

But, the time-tested features of safety and reliability have not been sacrificed. These include a strong whaleback foredeck, reverse raked windshield, steadying sail, husky rub rails, watertight decks with protective bulwarks, raised rudder heel with straight keel shoe for grounding protection, emergency tiller, and tabernacle-stepped mast. Best of all, the hull can be divided into three watertight compartments. The pilothouse has amenities for two crew members, plus a double cabin with head forward, both with full standing headroom. Usable hold volume is about 180 cubic feet, capable of carrying 3 tons of cargo. Coupled with a 1000+ mile range and modest power needs, the EUREKA makes sense in these days of high fuel and equipment costs.

The extra heavy fiberglass hull construction uses proven "one-off" materials and methods, and features an inner gridwork reinforcement system. The balance of the structure uses a composite of standard materials with fiberglass well suited to the abilities of the experienced amateur or small custom yard. The plans cover all aspects of the construction, and include complete instructions plus the illustrated manual, "Fiberglass Boatbuilding the Glen-L Way". No lofting of the hull lines is required since Full Size Patterns are provided for all the members used for the hull configuration.

Length overall:
Length waterline:
Hull draft:
10,200 lbs.
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Height overall (w/o mast):
Headroom (pilothouse):
Fuel capacity:
150 gals.
fresh water capacity:
20 gals.
Cruising range (approx.):
1000+ miles
Hold capacity:
180 cu. ft.
Sail area:
33 sq. ft.
Sleeping accommodations:
Hull type:
Full displacement round bilge hull form with maximum hull speed of approx. 6 1/2 knots. Designed for "one-off" fiberglass construction using fiberglass planking or PVC foam sandwich core with fiberglass laminate.
Single diesel or gasoline inboard of approx. 15 continuous shp (20 to 30 brake hp) not exceeding 600 lbs. Reduction gear may be required, driving through straight shaft to 24" max. diameter propeller.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Yes. Up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.