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The AQUARIAN layout is based on one of our most popular and successful ocean cruising designs, and features steel construction for the hull, keel, deck and cockpit. Available in either a ketch or cutter rig, in masthead form, with a self-tending jib and bowsprit. The multi-chine hull form has a long keel for safety and a steady helm while internal ballast is a mix of concrete and steel scrap for low cost. The compact cockpit well, wide side decks, and raised bulwark are perfect for the long distance boat; with room to carry a dinghy on the housetop.

The interior arrangement of the AQUARIAN is noteworthy for its practicality at sea. The forward area has been devoted to utility, with a complete toilet room which includes a separate stall shower. There's also a workbench, storage cabinets, and a sail bin. The settees in the main cabin also form berths and feature removable padded seat backs which convert to padded leeboards when flipped over. Most noteworthy, however, is the engine located right in the middle of the boat where it is readily accessible, and contributes to the balance and stability of the boat. The galley, located in the most favorable area of the hull, is an efficient U-shape with a roomy ice box opposite. Port and starboard quarter berths, plus a complete navigator's station to port, complete the aft portion of the cabin.

The AQUARIAN is meant for long distance worldwide cruising. Generous tanks for fuel, oil, water, and waste are built integrally with the hull. A watertight steel bulkhead is fitted between the forepeak and the cabin for safety. Plenty of opening ports, water trap vents, and hatches assure a fresh flow of air throughout. Building your own AQUARIAN is greatly simplified by use of the Full Size Patterns, however, for those who want to loft the lines, we include a Table of Offsets. If you'd like more information, Study Plans are available.

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the station frames, beam cambers, and stem contour, plus steel detail sheets, STEEL BOATBUILDING GUIDE, and Table of Offsets.

Length overall (on deck):
Length overall (with bowsprit):
Length waterline:
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Displacement (at D.W.L.):
20,200 lbs.
Ballast weight:
7,000 lbs.
Weight of steel components (estimated):
8,000 lbs.
Cabin headroom:
6'-2" to 6'-4"
Fuel capacity:
70 gals.
Water capacity:
160 gals.
Sleeping accommodations:
Sail area - Cutter:

Main - 333 sq. ft.
Foretriangle - 414 sq. ft.
Total - 747 sq. ft.
Sail area - Ketch:

Main - 294 sq. ft.
Foretriangle - 360 sq. ft.
Mizzen - 79 sq. ft.
Total - 733 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Multi-chine sheet steel hull with full length internal ballast keel. Ballast: Concrete and scrap steel.
Sail type:
Masthead cutter or ketch rig with bowsprit and club-footed jib.
Single inboard diesel engine of 30-35 shp with reduction gear to suit.
Welded steel hull, keel, deck and cockpit with concrete and scrap steel ballast. Cabin superstructure, cockpit, and interior of lumber and plywood with exterior surfaces sheathed in fiberglass or equivalent.