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Accommodations aboard the STEELAWAY are luxurious, comfortable, and offer a high degree of privacy. Three cabins can sleep up to five, while the two staterooms each have private access to the complete toilet room. The fully equipped galley is handy to the dining area, which is raised so that everyone can see out while seated. The cabin trunk forms a large chart table in the deckhouse opposite the inside helm. Large tanks for fuel oil, water, and waste make long distance cruises possible. All tanks are integral with the hull and the chain locker is separated from the cabin by a watertight steel bulkhead.

Power for the STEELAWAY is provided by a single engine under the deckhouse, preferably a diesel, driving through an inline shaft for reliability. Access is generously available from the deckhouse through large hatches. There's also plenty of storage throughout the vessel. Full size patterns mean that no lofting is required unless the builder wants to use the Table of Offsets provided in the plans. The lumber and plywood construction used for the cabin and interior keeps the project well within the abilities and budget of the average amateur. If you would like additional information, Study Plans are available

Length overall (on deck):
Length overall (with bowsprit):
Length waterline:
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Displacement (at D.W.L.):
20,200 lbs.
Ballast weight:
7,000 lbs.
Weight of steel components (estimated):
8,000 lbs.
Cabin headroom:
6'-3 to 6'-5"
Fuel capacity:
120 gals.
Water capacity:
170 gals.
Sleeping accommodations:
Sail area:

      Main - 333 sq. ft.
      Foretriangle - 414 sq. ft.
      Total - 747 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Multi-chine sheet steel hull with full length internal ballast keel.
Sail type:
Masthead cutter rig with bowsprit and club-footed jib.
Single inboard diesel engine of 30-35 shp with reduction.
Concrete and scrap steel.
Welded steel hull, keel, deck, and cockpit with concrete and scrap steel ballast. Cabin superstructure, cockpit, and interior of lumber and plywood with exterior surfaces sheathed in fiberglass or equivalent.