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Our SPIRIT features an all-steel hull with a high degree of performance and ease of handling ideal for long range cruising. Generous sail areas are incorporated into either a ketch or cutter rig of masthead type, both with self-tending jib. Fuel oil, water, and waste tanks are integral with the hull and ballast is located internally in the form of a low-cost mix of concrete and scrap steel. Cabin, cockpit, and interior construction is of wood and plywood for lightweight and simplicity. Wide sidedecks, raised bulwarks, an all-inboard rig, and T-shaped cockpit insure a vessel that is safe and easy to handle.

The SPIRIT has spacious accommodations with a workable arrangement well suited to lengthy voyaging. The navigator's station has its own berth, a chart table that slides out of the way for berth access, foul weather gear locker, and space for electronics. A double berth is located opposite plus a hanging locker under the chart table and a complete toilet room forward, convenient to the main living spaces. The galley is a roomy U-shape with double-bowl sink, trash receptacle, big ice box, and gimbal-mounted range with oven. The main cabin area features a big drop-leaf table flanked with settees that can handle the entire crew for dining or conversation. Up forward is a private stateroom with double berth, roomy hanging locker, a convertible seat, and another complete toilet room adjacent. The chain locker in the forepeak is separated from the cabin by a steel watertight bulkhead.

The SPIRIT hull is a multi-chine configuration for simplicity and speed of construction. The Full Size Patterns provided with the plans simplify the construction since no lofting is necessary unless desired by the builder (a Table of Offsets is also included). The keel is a full-length type for directional stability and safety, yet the forefoot is cutaway for quick tacking. Such a configuration also protects the underwater gear and simplified haul-outs. Power is provided by a single engine (preferably a diesel) located aft and connected by a v-drive. Study Plans describing this design in much more detail are available separately.

Length overall:
Length waterline:
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Displacement (at D.W.L.):
22,625 lbs.
Ballast weight:
7,500 lbs.
Weight of steel components (estimated):
10,000 lbs.
Cabin headroom:
6'-3 to 6'-6"
Fuel capacity:
70 gals.
Water capacity:
170 gals.
Sleeping accommodations:
Sail area - Cutter:

      Main - 362 sq. ft.
      Foretriangle - 429 sq. ft.
      Total - 791 sq. ft.
Sail area - Ketch:

      Main - 334 sq. ft.
      Foretriangle - 392 sq. ft.
      Mizzen - 74 sq. ft.
      Total - 800 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Multi-chine sheet steel hull with full length internal ballast keel.
Sail type:
Masthead cutter or ketch rig with club-footed jib.
Single inboard diesel engine of 35-40 shp with vee-drive.
Concrete and steel scrap
Welded steel hull, keel, deck and cockpit with concrete and scrap steel ballast. Cabin superstructure, cockpit, and interior of lumber and plywood with exterior surfaces sheathed in fiberglass or equivalent.