Yankee Star

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It's hard to find a yacht in this size range that combines the romance and character of traditional yachts, plus state of the art high-performance of offshore racing yachts, with the beauty of our YANKEE STAR. While every boat owner should love the appearance of his vessel, he will also love how this boat performs. A modern hull form of moderate displacement, plenty of sail in either a handy ketch or cutter rig, plus a divided "fin" keel and skeg mounted rudder with cutaway forefoot will let you point, reach, and run with the best of the fleet. Just watch the heads turn when you pull up to the mooring and bask in the comments when guests come aboard!

Here's a layout that offers more than just promises of privacy. The YANKEE STAR features double staterooms about as far separated in the vessel as possible, and each has its own complete adjoining toilet room with shower. Dual cabin entrances are the key to this innovative layout, allowing direct access from the cockpit to the owner's stateroom aft, or to the galley/main cabin area when the owner wants privacy. The aft toilet room, galley, and navigation areas form a neat and functional nucleus right in the middle of the boat. The main cabin seats six or more for dining and sleeps up to four additional guests in comfort for a total of 8 people.

The cockpit area blends crew comfort with safe and easy handling of the vessel by virtue of its T-shape. It's small in volume but large in deck area, and watertight to the rest of the vessel in the interest of safety. Wide sidedecks flush with the cockpit seats make forward passages safe in just about any weather, and the bowsprit makes dual anchor handling convenient and simple. Storage spaces are found not only in the cockpit area, but throughout the vessel, with hanging lockers in each stateroom plus an oilskin locker in the aft stateroom adjacent to the companionway.

YANKEE STAR is constructed by tried and proven methods found on many of our other designs. These include the cold-molded diagonal plywood or wood veneer methods, as well as the "one-off" fiberglass methods using materials like PVC foam or balsa sandwich core, or C-FLEX fiberglass planking. Power is provided by a single engine using a straight shaft configuration conveniently located between the aft stateroom and the galley in a sound and heat insulated compartment. Since there's so much more that we would like you to know about the YANKEE STAR, we suggest that you send for our Study Plan brochure.

Length overall (on deck):
Length overall (with bowsprit):
Length waterline:
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Displacement (at D.W.L.):
18,500 lbs.
Ballast weight:
6,955 lbs.
Cabin headroom:
6'-1" to 6'-6"
Fuel capacity:
60 gals.
Water capacity:
110 gals.
Sleeping accommodations:
Cutter sail area:

      Main - 340 sq. ft.
      Foretriangle - 409 sq. ft.
      Total - 749 sq. ft.
Ketch sail area:

      Main - 290 sq. ft.
      Foretriangle - 365.5 sq. ft.
      Mizzen - 93.5 sq. ft.
      Total - 749 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Round bilge hull with fixed ballast keel and separate rudder/skeg.
Plans available for "one-off" fiberglass construction using PVC foam sandwich core or fiberglass planking with fiberglass laminates, or for molded plywood, with cold-molded veneers as an alternate.
Lead, iron, or steel.
Sail type:
Masthead ketch or cutter with bowsprit and club-footed jib.
Single inboard diesel engine of 25 to 35 SHP with suitable reduction gear.