Fifth Wheel Trailer Plans

These luxury-sized fifth wheel trailers are perfect for extended traveling. The large balcony bedrooms feature full size twin or double beds. All facilities can be included for extended self-containment. Bathrooms can be fitted with either tub or shower, and storage areas are commodious. Just about any conventional pick-up truck of suitable capacity can be used for towing. By using our detailed plans, you can build your own fifth wheel trailer, all at a cost far less than factory built units.

Fifth wheel trailers are the ultimate in travel trailer living. They feature spacious balcony sleeping areas and extended interior length. Yet, overall length is much less than a car-trailer combination of similar area. Handling, maneuverability, and stability are superior because the fifth wheel hitch is located over the pick-up truck axle. GLEN L plans cover all aspects of building your own fifth wheel trailer so even an amateur can achieve that "factory-made look". Only GLEN-L provides comprehensive construction manuals as well as full size patterns of contoured sidewall areas to make building easier, results more professional.

The RAINIER is intended especially for compact trucks, but will also adapt to most conventional trucks as well. The features are equal to larger trailers, but come in a compact size. Sleeping accommodations are spacious and the unit can be totally self-contained. The smart appearance is easily duplicated by the home builder when our easy-to-follow plans, patterns, and instructions are used.

NOTE ON TRAILER FRAMES: The trailer frames on all GLEN L trailers, including Fifth Wheel models, are designed for local fabrication by the builder or any welding shop using standard steel members available anywhere. All GLEN L Trailer plans include complete plans and details for both the trailer frame as well as the undercarriage gear so nothing is left to chance. Anyone familiar with welding methods can assemble a GLEN L trailer frame easily and at a cost savings by using locally purchased materials.