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a 6' paddlewheel boat for kids

The Northwest Maritime Center reports that our little Ke-Pau was the most popular loaner boat in the Festival fleet. No surprise really—who can resist the Ke-Pau paddle-wheeler?

It's a boat for kids; not big kids but children kids. The type who enjoy fun on the water. Are there any that don't? Kids will love propelling the boat themselves and the splash of the paddlewheels. Put one at each crank and watch the merry-go-round fun that is created when they don't synchronize the paddle wheel turning. And it's one the adults can't practically ride in—it's too small.*

This is a simple boat to build. It's flat bottomed with vertical sides. This eliminates any fairing or shaping. A project the kids can help with. Of course helped and supervised by mom or pop, grandma or grandpa; even great grandparents.

The hull requires a single sheet of 1/4" x 4' x 8' plywood and we illustrate how the parts are obtained with virtually no waste. Information is provided to build a "cheapy" that will last until the kids grow up or a boat that can be handed down to the younger fry. Building is fun and watching the kids enjoy the results will make the adult "helper's" day….and many more to come.

*When we subjected the Ke-Pau to the "family test", we found out what we should have known... adults, yes and one dad of over 200 pounds decided this this was for BIG kids too. They paddled all over the small pond; one got out, another got in. This is a fun boat for kids of all ages, but let's be practical and safe—it's really not for 200+ pounders. Check out our larger Paddlewheeler design instead.

Length overall:
31 1/2"
Hull depth:
Hull weight:
approx. 35 lbs.
Finished weight:
approx. 42 lbs.
1 or 2 children
Hull type:
Scow-type for sheet plywood.
Hand cranked paddle wheels.