Eight Ball S&G

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Now you can build our most popular design, Eight Ball, in the original conventional method or in the Stitch and Glue version, designated as EIGHT BALL-SG. The building methods vary, but the hull is vintage Eight Ball!

The EIGHT BALL-SG features three watertight seat/compartments. Let the kids fill it full of water... it won't sink! The sailing version utilizes a daggerboard that can be removed when not sailing.

There's only so much we can say about Stitch and Glue before we start repeating ourselves... but if you have a minimum of tools... if you want the easiest construction method, then Stich and Glue is for you.

To further simplify construction, we offer various kits as noted below. Get started today—don't miss another day of sailing.

Fiberglass kit:
contains fiberglass and Silvertip Epoxy with slow hardener