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a 9 1/2' hydroplane

Our PICKLEFORK is a three-point hydroplane, super-simplified for the first time builder. It resembles the racing pickleforks found on the competition circuits, but in a more compact form. While not meant as a competition hydro, many will no doubt be built in groups for match racing. The reputation for speed of the larger types is well known, and our PICKLEFORK will offer equal thrills, but with far less power and expense.

The PICKLEFORK plans can't be beat for ease of construction. Perspective drawings, step-by-step construction photos of the original testing prototype, and easy-to-read instructions insure sure-fire success even for the beginner. But we've gone several steps farther! Each part in the entire boat is either a full size pattern or a simple rectangular shape, all keyed for easy assembly. A layout of materials shows how to make each part in order to use a bare minimum of materials. No building form, "jig", or elaborate set-up procedures are required! The entire boat can be put together on a work bench or on the floor.

Length overall:
Hull depth:
Average passengers:
Hull weight (approx.):
90 lbs.
Hull type:
Picklefork type three-point hydroplane developed for sheet plywood planking.
Short shaft outboard motor to 80 lbs.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 650 boat trailer plans.