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Want a watercraft that's different? ...why not PEDAL-IT! (or consider making an efficient electric model!) Sit in a comfortable, fully adjustable seat and pump the pedals just as you would on a bicycle. Chain and sprockets transfer the pedal motion to the paddlewheel at the stern. Want to go backwards? Crank the pedals in reverse and it's done. Go left or right by turning the bicycle type handlebars that are connected to the rudder. The essence of simplicity, and it's FUN!

This is an ideal craft for pond or small lake fishing. You sit on an elevated seat with a full view of that rocky bottom or fallen tree where the lunkers hide and you can pedal quietly to the ideal spot for the catch. But this is also a fun boat. It's fun to pedal quietly along the shore and observe Mother Nature. Or, lend it (just try and get it back) to the kids and watch the fun as they churn up the water.

PEDAL-IT is easy and inexpensive to build. The propulsion system is derived from a used bicycle, readily available at yard sales. The twin hulls are built by the fast and easy stitch and glue method with full size patterns furnished for virtually every contoured part in the boat. Parts cut from the patterns are bent around two bulkheads, stitched together, and joints bonded with fillets and fiberglass laminations. No building form is required. You'll be surprised how quickly the hull takes shape and what an excellent first time project this will make.

The detailed plans include complete progressive instructions with Bill of Materials, what fasteners to use at each junction, and the proper seam bonding laminates. In addition, GLEN-L has available a Stitch and Glue Kit that contains everything needed to assemble the cut out wooden parts, and a Fiberglass Covering Kit to properly encase the hulls with this durable sheathing.

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the hull sides, bottom, and tunnel sides, paddlewheel, transom, bulkheads, template, spray shroud, sea tand back.

Length overall:
Hull depth:
Total weight (test model):
164 lbs.
Displacement at 6" waterline:
308 lbs.
Bridge deck size:
4' x 4'-6"
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Two vee bottom pontoons or tunnel hulls connected by a bridge deck. Hulls are developed for sheet plywood with Stitch and glue construction.
Bicycle pedals, sprocket, and chain driving a stern mounted paddlewheel.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 650 boat trailer plans.