Tubby Tugboat

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a 9' tugboat for kids of all ages

We've been amazed at the attention this little boat receives whenever we take her out. For children, a ride in the TUBBY TUG is more than a boat ride, it's an event. They become tugboat captains or explorers, chugging out into an imaginary world full of danger or adventure. Even though this boat was designed with children in mind, we expected that adults just might want to take her out once in a while. We've found, however, that once dad gets in, it's hard to get him out. So if you're looking for a boat for "kids" of all ages, take a close look at the TUBBY TUG.

For safety, the TUBBY TUG has four watertight compartments that provide flotation even if the boat is filled with water. The wide beam and generous hull depth provides more stability than most small boats.

The hull is built from standard 8' sheets of plywood by the Stitch and Glue construction method, described in detail in the front of our catalog. With patterns for virtually every part of the hull, including planking and decking, the hull takes shape quickly, and building is a FUN project.

TUBBY TUG can be built with the cabin as shown or the roof and window portions eliminated. Build it either way, but be ready for the attention you'll get trailering, launching, or underway.

A Tubby Tug Builder Speaks Out:

"I have finally finished Tubby Tug. I started on 25th January and completed 19th October with a total time of 362 hours. I think hours could have been reduced if I had not had trouble with varnish finishes over epoxy."

"The boat turned heads on the way to the water and in the water. Building this vessel was a very satisfying experience and I would recommend it to anyone because the end product is so unique. I have a complete record of the build process in photos."

"The power is a 54 lb. thrust electric outboard supplied by 2-100 ah batteries which can be switched from one to the other as required. The electric outboard supplier was horrified when I told him I wanted to cut it in half and proceeded to tell me there would be no warranty if I did that."

"The trailer is a Glen L design which I modified slightly as I wanted protection for the propeller. With one person on board, trim is slightly bow down which is probably due to battery placement. With two up trim is spot on, one in wheel house and one on stern seat--it's more fun with two anyway and so quiet. Thanks Glen-L for a great design."

-- Paul Brown, Australia

Thanks for the input Paul! -- Gayle
You can contact Paul through our Project Registry--you'll need to scroll down a bit as there are a LOT builders listed!

Length overall:
Hull weight approx.:
175 lbs.
Hull depth midships:
Hull depth aft:
Cabin headroom:
Height overall:
Displacement at 4" waterline:
520 lbs.
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Flat bottom with sides and bottom developed for Stitch-N-Glue sheet plywood.
A short or long shaft outboard to 5 hp.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 650 boat trailer plans.