Bear Cat Cuddy

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CATEGORY: Power Catamarans
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood/wood framing, or welded aluminum

These longer, wider power cats allow greater displacement, tankage, storage, and load-carrying ability than our WILDCAT design.  Besides the extra room, the wider beam only improves upon the superior qualities of power cats, especially stability.  Based on v-bottom planing hulls, these boats can also absorb higher horsepower motors.  Twin outboards at the higher ratings can provide speed into the 50 MPH range.  Even at the minimum power ratings, planing speeds will range in the mid-to-upper 20's depending on all-up weight.

Construction methods in sheet plywood or welded aluminum use amateur-proven techniques similar to our WILDCAT design, but with beefier scantlings in keeping with the boat's greater heft.   Full-size patterns are provided for all hull-forming backbone members and frame contours - lofting is not required.  Nor are any special or esoteric building techniques.  Instructions with hull material listings cover all aspects of the project, and include a fastening schedule with plywood hulls.

BEAR-CAT CUDDY features a cabin with walk-around side decks and express-type windshield control station.  In the cabin is sitting headroom above the 6'9" x 4' double berth and space for a portable head.

Length overall:
Hull depth max.:
6700 lbs.
Boat weight ply. approx.:
3400 lbs.
Boat weight alum. approx.:
3650 lbs.
Fuel capacity:
170 gals.
Cockpit size (nominal):
16 1/2' x 9'
Cockpit depth:
28" - 32"
Recommended total HP (Twin outboards):

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