Boatbuilder's Notebook-Expanded Second Edition

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by Glen L. Witt
Index, hundreds of photos, drawings, and illustrations, 152 pages, 8 1/2"x11", softcover, Spiral Bound, 2013.

This is a book that anyone building or contemplating the construction of a boat should have. It's slanted primarily towards plywood trailerable size boats but much of the information applies to larger craft as well.

The information contained in this book was obtained from more than 50 years of dealing with amateur boatbuilders. What their questions were during their boatbuilding project formed the outline for this comprehensive journal. Information was also gleaned from previous GLEN-L books, our library of boating books and the notes and instructions from our design group. The text includes valuable information on how a boat is designed, boat types and shapes, plans explanation, and similar subjects to better inform the prospective builder what they will be undertaking.

The nitty gritty of boatbuilding is well covered with progressive subjects from the building form, constructing the framework, installing longitudinals, planking the boat (both sheet plywood and cold molded), decking frame and covering, plus details for virtually every phase of what a typical builder will need to do. The general outline covers building boats either sail or power. However, specific information on installing inboard motors, outboard motor wells, and related subjects are also detailed. And of course sailboat construction and information such as rig types, sail nomenclature, spars, rigging, centerboard and rudder construction is also covered; even a Glossary of sailboat terminology.

This 152 page book contains hundreds of detailed drawings and charts. The spiral bound text is made to open and stay flat; ideal for laying on the workbench during the boatbuilding project. There are no chapters per se. Instead the subjects are covered individually for better and more concise reference. Here are some of the subjects covered in this book:
Hull shapes
Plywood & Wood info
Table saw jig
Glues and adhesives
Building form
Cold Molding
Dinettes & gauchos
Drawers, doors, countertops & windows
Flying bridge & helm
Marking the waterline
Air cooled motors
Inboard shaft angles & layouts
Boring the shaft hole
Cooling systems
Wiring diagrams & instructions
Power & person capacity
Running lights
Sailboat details
Human figure sizes i.e. sitting headroom, seat back & arm rest height, seat width, etc.
and much, much more...

New Expanded Second Edition includes chapters on:
Sheet plywood development
Fairing by the Rabl method
Stitch wires revisited
Altering arrangement plans
Self-draining cockpit
Think before you fiberglass
Drilling the shaft hole for an inboard
Skeg shaft hole for an inboard
Propulsion Installation
Boat range
How to make a cutwater
PVC on a boat What are limbers?

Note from Gayle: Glen has been working on this book for about a year and during that time, we have received countless questions via email or phone that are directly answered in this book. This book is a must-have for your boat building library.

"Love the book I got from you helpful...will help me on my next build...very useful info in the notebook...good quality binding....thanks'll make a boat builder out of me yet....Aye aye...thanks again..." Peter Rancourt - Hermon, ME