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An 11'3" or 12'1" mini-ski boat

CATEGORY: High-Performance Sport Boat
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood/wood framing

It’s shaped like a bullet and goes like a bullet - that’s why we call it BULLET. The beamy, flashy hull is much like larger ski boats, and features enough vee and hull depth for ride comfort and security. The hull has enough depth and "v" in the bottom to insure security and ride comfort. Power comes from a long (20") or short (15") shaft outboard. What’s more, you can really tow a skier, and there are real seats for 2 - no need to kneel on bent knees as in some lesser boats this size.

Construction is low cost, quick, and easy 1/4" sheet plywood planking over a few sawn frames. Built upside down over frames and stringers, the resulting hull can endure the rough stuff. For the 11'3" model, 1/4" planking is done with one each 4' x 10' and 4' x 12' panels, although options are given for joining standard 8' panels, and this applies to the longer version also. Power can be a long or short shaft outboard.

Plans include details for both length options, full size patterns for the frame members, instructions, fastening schedule, and material listing. No lofting or layouts required. Bullet makes a great father-son project, that when complete can be enjoyed by the entire family. However, because of the size and performance potential, adult supervision is recommended if the boat will be operated by young people.


Length overall:
11'3"or 12'1"
Depth (max.):
Weight (approx.):
140 lbs.
Power (11'3"/12'1"):
35/40 HP

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