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A 31' open-cockpit inboard sportfisher

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CATEGORY: Sportfishers - Open Cockpit
CONSTRUCTION: Wood framed with double diagonal ply or veneer "cold molded" planking

Enamored by those flashy sportfishing machines common to ports-of-call along the Southeastern U.S. seaboard, but not their cost?  Then CAROLINA ANGLER is the boat for you.   With a graceful "S"-curved sheerline, flaring bow topsides, and   wave-flattening deep-v forefoot entry, this is one seaworthy hull equal to anything you could buy.  Variable v-bottom lines flatten aft for reduced drag, maximum economy, higher speed potetntial, and the rock-solid stability fishermen want at-rest and underway.  A long skeg assures directional control.  Power is transmitted through a time-proven reliable single centrally-mounted inboard engine located below the center console motor box.  Operating speeds from just over 20  knots up to 36 knots are possible with either gasoline or diesel motors between 1000 and 2200lbs.   These are supported on nearly full-length motor stringers. Power varies with displacement and ultimate boat weight:  Lightest engines range from 135 to 350 SHP; Max engines between 150 and 470 SHP. 

Features include a spacious self-bailing cockpit close to the water, but plenty deep for security. Cockpit length can be varied to suit your type of fishing layout.  In either case, there is plenty of room for bait wells, fish boxes, and a gang of anglers.   .  Overnight accommodations for two are available under the foredeck along with space for a head; there is sitting headroom above the berth tops.  A tower is optional.

Construction is well-suited to the do-it-yourselfer builder, yet is strong and rugged. FULL-SIZE PATTERNS are provided for all the frame contour and other hull-forming members so no lofting is required.  The hull is built upside down over a simple jig detailed on the plans.  Epoxy resins and adhesives are used throughout the construction, with fiberglass/epoxy sheathing over the hull exterior for added durability, integrity, and appearance.  These materials come in our FIBERGLASS COVERING KIT.

No special materials, skills, or building methods (such as steam bending) are required. Hull planking is  "cold molded" using either plywood cut into strips or solid wood veneers laid in double diagonal format; 3/4" total on the topsides and 1" on the bottom.  Ordinary sheet plywood planking isn't appropriate for such a design since it can't confrom to the attractive reverse curved hull lines that make this boat what it is.

Plans cover all aspects of the design including hull length options, sequential instruction manual, fastening schedule, and hull material listing.  STUDY PLANS are available if you need more information and details prior to purchasing plans; these come with a hull material list for cost estimating purposes.

Note flared bow sections and deep forefoot entry shown above
  • Special features include...
  • Flare bow topsides for a drier ride
  • Reliable inboard power
  • No lofting required
  • Straight-forward strong construction
  • Hull & cockpit length options
  • Cabin for two + head
  • Self-bailing cockpit to keep it dry
Length overall (standard):
Length waterline:
Draft (hull with skeg):
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Cockpit depth fwd/aft:
Cockpit size (max):
20'6" x 9'6"
Displacement: W/Min engine weight:
7960 lbs. (@ D.W.L.-1")
Displacement: W/Max engine weight:
8900 lbs. (@ D.W.L.)
Fuel capacity:
230 gals.
29'10" or 31'6" options with plans