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An 18' or 19' inboard or outboard ski boat

CATEGORY: High-Performance Sport Boats
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood planking/wood framing

This stylish high-performance ski runabout has enough depth for peace of mind along with the comfort of a beamy deep-v hull that - unlike most ski boats - actually rides well. The vee at the bow is a wave-splitting 24º, blending in to 15º at the transom. Integral lift strakes make for a quick hole shot, while knocking down spray and adding control in the process. You can power with a single I/O, or one or two outboards.

There’s plenty of seating and space in the cockpit. The arrangement shown is only a suggestion - you can vary it to suit your needs. For strength and durability, construction is over five sawn frames reinforced by stringers that stay in the boat as part of the simple building jig. Yet assembly is easy, quick, lightweight, low cost, and suitable even for first-timers. Sheet plywood planking totals 1/2" on the bottom and 3/8" in the sides. Fiberglass sheathing is used on the exterior for low maintenance, added durability, and a quality appearance. Plans include instructions, material listing, fastening schedule, and FULL-SIZE PATTERNS.

From Michael Soegaard comes this message about the Desperado he is building in Venezuela:

"....let me thank you for the excellent service you and your company has provided.  For the time being has the great pleasure and fun in building one of your designs which so far has been progressing without any problems.  Your drawings are straight forward and the instructions very easy to understand even for a first timer like me."



Length overall:
18'0"or 19'0"
Depth (max.):
Weight (approx.):
800 lbs.
Power (outboard max.):
190/205 HP