ETM Mount & Bracket

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These Plans and Patterns are included with the POWERYAK plans package. However, they can be ordered separately to convert an ETM (electric trolling motor) to an inboard position projecting through the boat bottom with the controls mounted at a more convenient forward position.

The ETM MOUNT & BRACKET details using a typical transom mount electric trolling motor of 30 plus lbs. thrust and converting it to an inboard position. The control portion of the motor is moved forward, or to any convenient location, and mounted on a bracket. The shaft and trolling motor is located in the aft section of the hull, mounted on a motor bracket with the underwater motor suspended on a shaft that rotates in a tube. The lower unit projects through the boat bottom and pivots for steering; a rudder is not required. The drive has been designed to be built by the average handyman with nothing more than average machining or welding.

The Plans are complete with drawings and instruction for building the motor mount, tube, bracket, and connecting links. Patterns are included for most of the parts as the bracket and mount are drawn full size.

Remember: the POWERYAK plans and patterns include the ETM MOUNT & BRACKET plans and patterns.

(The PowerYak was designed and built especially to accommodate the ETM and acted as a testing boat. See more about POWERYAK).