Flats Flyer

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An 18-1/2' Florida flats boat

CATEGORY: Sportfish - Open Cockpit
CONSTRUCTION:  Sheet plywood planking

If the high cost of factory-built flats boats is crimping your fishing style, then build our FLATS FLYER. You'll get a flats boat exactly the way you want it at a fraction of the cost and will rival production boats in many ways. For example, FLATS FLYER weighs hundreds of pounds less than typical fiberglass boats. Which means less draft, better access to skinny waters, easier poling, higher speeds with less power, more range, and better economy. While max-rated at 175 HP per the USCG method, most will find lower-rated motors more than ample. For example, a 75 will put you in the 40's, while a 100 HP (plus or minus a bit) can get you into the 50's depending on load.

Regardless of power, FLATS FLYER pops on plane in an instant without noise-inducing lift strakes. The vee-hull features a 25-degree chop-deflecting bow entry decreasing to a 5-degree transom dihedral for superior stability at rest or underway with minimal drag.

Because FLATS FLYER requires less flotation volume than glass boats (wood floats!), you get more volume for compartment capabilities. So there's plenty of space for anchors, batteries, coolers, dry storage, live wells, fish/crustacean wells, tackle, and more. And you can stow several 10' rods below the 14" wide gunnel decks.

Construction is specially intended for FIRST-TIME do-it-yourselfers. The strong, stiff, yet lightweight, sheet plywood hull is built over simple sawn wood frames from FULL SIZE PATTERNS to assure an accurate bottom. This TIME-PROVEN & FATIGUE-RESISTANCE form of construction is QUICK & EASY even if you are working alone.

No special tools or woodworking operations required! Exterior hull surfaces are covered later with epoxy/fiberglass for durability, superior appearance, abrasion resistance, and reduced matinenance.

Plans include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for all backbone members such as frames, stem, and transom - NO LOFTING REQUIRED! Plans also include sequential instructions covering all aspects of the project, PLUS hull material listing and fastening schedule.

Length overall:
Bottom width:
Hull draft:
Hull depth - fore/aft:
Cockpit size::
7'3" x 5'2" x 15" deep
Average passengers:
2 - 3
Hull weight (dry/approx.):
800-900 lbs.
Displacement at 7" draft:
1980 lbs.
Fuel capacity:
40 gals.
Horsepower range:
17'6" & 19'9" hull length options also in plans
20" or 25" shaft lengths optional
Lightweight & fast, yet stiff & strong!:
Easy to build - even for first-timers:
Loaded with features + 3 length options!:
17'6" & 19'9" length options also included with the plans: