The "Harvey" FNR

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A Forward, Neutral and Reverse Transmission for a Small Motor

Now you can build a transmission for small motors (15 HP or less) that will provide forward plus neutral and reverse. It's a DIY project well within the abilities of most people. The component parts are off-the-shelf items usually available through local sources. A listing of the parts and where obtained is furnished.

The FNR (Forward, Neutral and Reverse) Glen-L plans are based on a system fabricated by Porter Harvey for his Glen-L design Sweet Caroline, and it worked great. Sure there were a few problems, but these were quickly solved. Slight modifications of the original were made to eliminate some machine work.

The "Harvey" FNR uses a unique system of chains, sheaves and friction wheels to provide forward, neutral and reverse without a clutch. Shifting from neutral to forward or reverse is accomplished by merely moving a lever back and forth. It's a proven simple system adaptable for use as a standard in-line inboard or for a vee drive installation by adding a jack shaft. The Glen-L plans show all the details, calls out the various parts required, and carries you through the fabrication. And the cost; a fraction of what you'd pay for a full marine transmission.

To answer your question in advance; no, this unit isn't for the larger motors such as those used in automobiles. It's for smaller motors and modification to handle a larger motor is impractical.

PLANS AND PATTERNS: Complete Drawings of both an In Line (motor ahead of the shaft log) or Vee Drive (motor aft of the shaft log). Even a full size pattern of the Shifting Lever and component parts is furnished. Also includes complete instructions, Bill of Materials, and component sources.