Key Largo

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a 19' or 20' sport-utility barrelback mahogany runabout

CATEGORY: Classic Mahogany Runabouts: Barrelback
CONSTRUCTION: Cold-Molded/Epoxy Planking

Building Classic Mahogany Runabouts

Based on our proven Barrelback 19 hull, Key Largo features the added versatility of a big open cockpit forming what is better known as a "sport-utility" type runabout. Many prefer such an arrangement especially where watersports or fishing may be desired activities.

Additional benefits include easier motor access, room for everyone to move about, and space to carry skis, fishing gear, and such. Otherwise, construction methods and features are the same as our Barrelback 19, including that gorgeous barrelback stern and our proven "cold molded" wood/ply/veneer hull construction method well suited to the average do-it-yourself builder.

The results are a tight, stiff, strong, lightweight hull free of leaking seams and flexing joints. In other words, a boat both easier to build and superior to those of the past, all at a fraction of the cost of production replicas or restored originals. As we often say, had such technology been available in the past, this is the way boats would have been built then.

Our system of double diagonal ply/veneer planking requires no rabbets to cut, no steam bending, no caulked seams, and no lofting, yet looks like the genuine article and is much easier to maintain.

Plans with instructions aimed at the amateur craftsman include all the details, along with material listing, fastening schedule, and resource list to help you track down what you need. Also provided are FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the sawn frame and backbone members so lofting is not required.

Can you build
your own Mahogany Runabout?

  • Can you build a fine piece of furniture?
  • Can you handle ordinary woodworking tools?
  • Can you stick to a project through to completion?

If you answer "yes" to all, then you should have no trouble building one of the boats, even if you're a first-timer. Check out the photos on our website… most are from people just like you. As you can see, the results are remarkable, but not surprising to us, because quality begins with design experience reflected in the plans you choose.

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Length overall:
Length option:
6' 1"
Draft with prop:
Freeboard forward:
2' 3"
Freeboard aft:
1' 6"
Hull weight (approx):
875 lbs.
Motor type:
4; V6; V8 (*)
Motor (cu. in.):
Fuel capacity:
30 gals.
Cockpit size - L x W:
10'6" x 5'2"
20'1" length recommended if using V8