Miss Chris

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28' or 26' early 1930's runabout

CATEGORY: Classic Mahogany Runabouts
CONSTRUCTION: Cold-Molded/Epoxy Planking

You and your thrilled passengers will be hard pressed to tell the difference in our long and shapely Miss Chris design from the famous grand triple cockpit classics of the early 1930's. And while we've replicated the "look and feel" of these renowned craft, ours is a superior boat because it incorporates our stiff, strong and tight "cold molded" wood/epoxy construction methods.

Better yet, we've simplified the procedures so that any caring do-it-yourself woodworker can tackle the project without need for special skills or unique tools. Likewise, no difficult operations, such as steam bending, cutting rabbets, caulking seams, or lofting hull lines, are required.

Double diagonal planking using a combination of 1/8" wood veneers and plywood totals 5/8" thick on the bottom and ½" on the sides. Both are applied over closely-spaced longitudinal battens bent around the boat's frames and backbone members. On the sides, the final planking layer is applied in lengthwise strips emulating the look of genuine planking, but without the maintenance and structural weaknesses inherent with such obsolete past methods.

Husky motor stringers double as jig members to key in the frames for accuracy, and run nearly the length of the boat for strength. Speeds in the 40's are possible with the larger displacement automotive-type motor located amidships in the traditional in-line set-up.

Plans come with instructions, material listing, fastening schedule, and resource list, as well as FULL SIZE PATTERNS for frame, transom, and stem contours.

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Length overall:
Length option (*):
Draft w/prop:
Freeboard fwd:
Freeboard aft:
Motor type:
Motor cu in:
Fuel capacity:
50 gals.
Hull wgt approx.:
1000 lbs.
Cockpit size - L x W - Forward:
6'6" x 5'6"
Cockpit size - L x W - Aft:
2'6" x 4'0"
Cockpit size - L x W - Mid:
2'5" x 5'6"
Length option is done by respacing frames proportionately. These procedures are covered in the instructions, and the option comes automatically with the plans - no need to specify on your order.