Olympian 23 Study Plans-PDF

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Note: This is the downloadable PDF version of this study plan. Once it is ordered, a link will be emailed to you on the order confirmation email so you can download the PDF file. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view this file

The purchase price of Study Plans can be applied to the purchase of full size Plans and Patterns for this design if ordered within 30 days. A redemption code will be sent with your Study Plan order.

Study Plan includes both Plywood & Aluminum versions.
A study plan lets you learn more about a design before investing in the actual plans. It provides a reduced-scale "peek" at "bits and pieces" of the actual plans for a nominal cost, yet is far from being an actual set of plans at this low price. Each study plan includes several or more (PDF version is 8-1/2" x 11") sheets showing more and/or larger primary views than can be shown in a catalog or website page. Views typically include arrangement plans, exterior profiles, sections through the boat, interior joinery and/or construction profiles, construction details, hull line sections, etc.

Study plans also usually include a more detailed description and characteristics list, along with a hull material listing so you can estimate hull costs in advance. They are a great bargain, educational, and make interesting studying for any boating enthusiast whether you choose to build later or not.