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A 10' sail/row pram

While SABOTEER is similar in hull form and type to our famous SABOTINA, it’s much larger and an even better performer when it comes to sailing, rowing, or towing. Yet it’s nearly as easy to build. Only one sheet of ¼" x 4' x 8' and two sheets of ¼" x 4' x 10' plywood are required (simple joining options in the plans allow 8' panels if 10' sheets not available).

SABOTEER features options such as a kick-up rudder and 2-part mast so the rig can be stowed within the boat. The free-standing low-cost wood mast is easy to make and slips readily into the sleeved sail. Or you can omit the rig and daggerboard and use as a rowboat, or hook on a small motor. The lightweight craft is easily trailed, cartopped, or carried in vans and pickups.

Construction is done over a simple jig and 3 temporary forms plus the boat’s bow and stern transoms. We provide the FULL-SIZE PATTERNS for all these members so no lofting or layouts are required. Rudder and daggerboard patterns are also provided, plus instructions and material list.

To make SABOTEER even faster and easier to build, we also have kits including Fastening Kits (the first thing you need to start assembling), and Fiberglass Covering Kits (used on the exterior after planking panels installed). See detailed descriptions below.

Length overall:
Hull depth amidships:
Boat weight:
100 lbs.
Sail area:
59 sq.ft.
Average passengers:
Power (optional max):
3 HP
Hull type:
Pram with vee bottom, hard chine hull developed for sheet plywood planking.
Sail type:
Cat rig with daggerboard
Outboard motor to 3 HP.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No, we don't recommend changing the length on a sailboat as it may alter the relationship between the center of effort (CE) of the sail plan and center of lateral resistance (CLR) of the hull underbody plane.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 750/1000 boat trailer plans.
Sail dimensions:

      Luff = 13'-0",
      foot = 8'-6" (roach = 4"),
      leech = 14'-6" (roach = 6")
      59 sq ft.