Stemhead Fitting - Heavy Duty

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Welded stainless steel Stemhead Fitting for boats up to approximately 25 feet:
Overall length: 1" x 1/8" x 12.75"
1/4" Bottom hole on stem portion is ~7/16" from end to hole center, next hole is 3" above center to center, next hole is 2.75" above.
Angle is approximately 147 degrees
Forestay hole is 3.75" from deck along strap
End of strap is 4.25" from deck along strap
Inside bend to end of deck strap is 4", to 7/32" mounting hole center is 3.5".
Angle with stem ~80deg., angle with forestay ~67deg. Welded to stem tang above and below bend.
Vertical tab for jib tack connection is 0.179" thick, ~3.125" from inside bend to aft end, 1.5 high. Two 5/16" holes, 1" up from top of deck strap, 0.50" and 1.75" from tab aft end. Welded to tang along all sides.