Stitch & Glue Boatbuilding DVD

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1 hour 25 minutes
The STITCH AND GLUE BOATBUILDING DVD pulls the curtain and exposes the what's, why's, and hows of this novel boatbuilding method. With straight forward narration explaining the procedures, see how the average Joe or Jane can build a boat even though their abilities and tools may be limited. This is a compilation of proven methods and ideas on Stitch-N-Glue boatbuilding gleaned from building craft of various types. The DVD starts with an explanation of Stitch-N-Glue methods and a series of completed boats in action. If the views of these beautiful boats don't start the boatbuilding urge, nothing will. After the introduction, you're taken through the processes of Stitch-N-Glue boatbuilding. Every phase of the subject is detail. This DVD will show that building your own boat is not a far-fetched dream, but can be a reality.

STITCH AND GLUE BOATBUILDING should convince you that this method requires only rudimentary tools and skills, and that even the rankest amateur can produce a professional looking, quality boat.