StopLossBags Collapsible Funnel

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StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel

The StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel brings in a completely new way of transferring woodworking finishes from a quart or liter can to a StopLossBag®.

The funnel is made with a special flexibility which allows it to stretch over the mouth of an opened quart or liter can, while the small end accepts the spout of a StopLossBag®.

Filling is easy. Begin by pulling the top of the funnel over the opened can. Next, blow air into the bag to fully inflate it. This is necessary to give enough air to allow for a complete transfer of varnish into the bag, and air into the can. After inserting the spout of the inflated StopLossBag into the small end of the funnel, invert the three connected items. The varnish will begin to flow on its own, but a gentle up and down bellows action allows you to complete the transfer more quickly. Cleaning is easy for most woodworking varnishes. Place the funnel on a folded paper towel to let it dry overnight. The dried varnish will not adhere to the funnel and can be peeled from the inside. Cleaning can be solvent free.